Two Crossings

In the Graveyard

Glory or Folly

The party heads to the graveyard.

While it’s still daylight, the party heads off to investigate the graveyard and crypts.

Ma’aarr the Headman joins us, we leave shortly after our interview with the survivor. It’s a nice day, the twin suns shine and a cool breeze stirs the trees.

The graveyard is still and dark, the air is still; Some graves are disturbed and opened.

Gibler grudgingly drops into one of the opened graves. Drops down to check out two of the graves, smelly, foul but nothing of note.

While scouting out the rest of the Graveyard, a Skeleton rises from the ground.
Thallia – 14+
Ma’aarr – 14
Gibler – 11
Shadaxe – 5
Skele – 4+
Lothar – 4
Tor – 3

Suprise Round:
All miss

1st Round:
Thallia Miss
Gibler successfully casts Grasping Shards; Imbued by the power of his faith, the radiant orbs shatter the undead warrior skeleton.




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