Two Crossings

Battle a la garveyard, part deux


We make it to the graveyard after leaving the tavern with one young willing townsperson, armed with pitchfork.

Upon reaching the graveyard, a miserable gloom descends, as last time, and all hope seems as if it died. Somehow, a crawling skeleton almost gets the jump on us, but we smash it within one round as Tor’s War pick lands a critical hit.

No more zombie dogs, thank god for that…. but the three crypts are open, we enter the right one, from which we hear screams of mother and child.

Gibbler peeks in first, hesitantly, finding a skeleton near the front, a skeleton near the back with bow and arrows, and a floating and menacing being. We do battle, focusing around Tor, while Thalia is desperate for action. In the end only a few of the newly formed band are bloody, while the enemies lay slain. We all breathe heavily wondering what the pecking order will be for anything we find…



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