Two Crossings

On the road

In pursuit of glory and fame

Heading to Calphen;

Smooth talking Luthar reduced our ferry price to 5 Copper each; Shadax felt this was outrageous and intimidated the ferryman to grant us free passage, ‘for the King’s business’
Ferry ride was uneventful.

7 miles along the road, we came upon Calphen. Somber town; we head to the Inn.
Meet eJaxx, request a table and dinner. Lothar asks the Innkeeper if he knows whom has posted the warrant; unknown, eJaxx sends his wife to summon the Headman.

We eat,the food is decent; drinks are warm.

Headman shows up, introduces himself as Ma’aarr; joins the table and tells us the story of the Warrant.
Two villagers disappeared; Few nights later, another disappears from the fields. Following night, the original missing couple returned, staggered up and attacking a local; he escaped and is recovering now. Most recently a family was savagely attacked in the village, we assume all were slaughtered for their home was in great disarray. A blood trail was followed to the fields where villagers discovered many of the formerly deceased, upright and roaming;

History of Calphen: 2000 years ago, Evil Temple, Cultist buried with their possessions; nearby village struck with a plague/illness that wiped out all human inhabitants.

50 years prior the village was founded. Old Crypts and the area around were consecrated as the village Graveyard. All was quiet until those once dead were found walking amongst the living.



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